25 September 2015

work in progress!

A preview from the lovely book I'm currently working on!To be published soon by Diaplous Editions.

14 August 2015

The little scared dark!

I'm really happy for this wonderful story ( by Aspasia Protogerou) that I had the chance 
to illustrate for Polaris editions! 
The book came out this June and it is a sweet story about a little dark 
that was scared of a little girl living in the same room with him.
The little scared dark was so afraid of this little girl but he managed to overcome his fear.

Find the book so you can read the story here!

30 June 2015


Haven't post anything lately!
These last months have been really difficult in personal and in professional matters.
But summer is finally here!

This is a small illustration I did for my agency.

3 January 2015

2015 wallpaper free download!

Καλή Χρονιά! Happy new year!
Here is a 2015 wallpaper (1800 x 1200 pixels). 
It’ll fit all screens! On your computer’s wallpaper settings, just choose “fit to screen” or “centrer” 
and adjust the border/background color of your desktop to match, if applicable.

Μια εικόνα για την επιφάνεια εργασίας σας με το ημερολόγιο του 2015.
Ταιριάζει σε όλες τις οθόνες. 
Κατεβάστε την εικόνα κάνοντας δεξί κλικ πάνω της και αποθήκευση στον υπολόγιστή σας (save image as)!

4 December 2014

7 November 2014

Exciting news!

Did I tell you I was one of the featured artists on Advocate Art's Blog?
That's because I am now represented by the lovely Advocate Art illustration agency.
Thumbs up :)

23 October 2014

The boy with 2 faces...

...Is a cover I've illustrated a couple of months ago for Patakis Editions.
The book (by Lina Lixnara) is a mystery/crime story for teen readers.
You can read some of the book's chapters (in greek) here .
And you can get the book here!

25 September 2014

true story!

Can not sleep! I eat too much Merenda*

*merenda is the greek Nutella

13 August 2014


I found this illustration that I made a couple of years ago, and made this little gif! #JustForFun!

22 July 2014

Bootcamp is over :(

Thank you Lilla! It has been a wonderful experience! 
I think I need a big cup of hot chocolate now! :)
Don't forget to check this month's gallery here!

My (animated) final submission for the "Make Art That Sells" Assignment Bootcamp class.

28 June 2014

Coming soon!

A new lovely children's book! 
I had so much fun drawing and forming the book's characters!

Chloe X*, parents wanted! 
Author: Alexandra K*
Publisher: Patakis publications (Greece)

27 May 2014

Μόλις κυκλοφόρησε!

Παρέα με ένα μολύβι... Ταξιδεύω στο διάστημα, σε έναν κόσμο μαγικό, στην άγρια ζούγκλα

Συγγραφείς : Ναταλία Ζέτου και Κατερίνα Κουτρούμπα
Εικονογράφος : Μεταλληνού Ρένια
ISBN: 9789601650425
Από τις εκδόσεις Πατάκη 2014

Just published! 

Along with a pencil ... 
I travel in space, in a world of magic, the wild jungle 

Authors: Natalia Zetou and Katerina Koutroumpa 
Illustrations: Metallinou Renia 
ISBN: 9789601650425 
By Patakis Publications 2014

25 May 2014

Ice cream recipe!

A super easy cocoa ice cream recipe that I'm making quite often! My kids love it!
I'm sorry it's in greek! But I promise to translate it in english really-really soon!

27/05 Update
The ingredients:
500 ml Milk Cream
1 condensed milk
350 ml fresh milk
1 tablespoon brandy (cognac)
5-6 tablespoons cocoa

How to:

  1. Whisk the cream until soft peaks form.
  2. Ad the condensed milk. Whisk again and then ad the brandy.
  3. Ad the cocoa, stir with a spoon and ad the fresh milk! Mix some more.
  4. Refrigerate!